Mehjabin Earrings


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Mehjabin Earrings
Mehjabin Earrings

Heirloom Collection - Rajkiya's timeless pieces made with a view to be passed down as heirlooms and luxury keepsakes. 

Our Mehjabin earrings are gold-plated earrings with saharay to go across the ear and clip into your hair. They are regal, bold and so vibrant with their teal green and rani pink kundan stones. Finished off with silent gold bells and white beading. 

A small amount of 24K gold has also been used within its polish and they have been set using the Pachikam method - a bespoke craftsmanship in the world of luxury Kundan jewellery.

  • Gold Plated
  • Saharay to clip across ear or above into hair
  • Nickel free / gold polished
  • Fully handmade / hand crafted (if sold out, pre-orders for this item will be 6-8 weeks for this reason but do send us a message to discuss timescales as we may be able to get them for you sooner!)


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